The Origins of Infidelity

I hope you have found your love. But who is stopping you from finding more love? I remember speaking to a married lady friend; I told her that all marriages have infidelity built in. If your marriage doesn’t have infidelity, you have one of the rarest marriages out there, but if two’s company, then your marriage is boring. The real test of the relationship comes when there is a third person, fourth, or fifth. Lol. That makes me wonder, was Draupadi an infidel? Why did Indian society make Goddess Sita a role model and forget Draupadi? Was it because she shared her love with the five Pandava brothers? Are Indian men responsible for elevating Sita to Goddess levels and ignoring Draupadi?

Why do we value fidelity so much?

Is it a product of the Western mind The Western mind raised on Abrahamic religions places special emphasis on fidelity. I see women being slut shamed for their body counts with the new religion called manosphere, which caters to giving you the alternate version of how men and women should be behaving towards each other, their new God is Andrew Tate. The Western mind thinks in binaries. It is either this or that. This is the reason there is so much order in the West. While the Eastern mind, especially we Indians, think in circles, there is no absolute truth. Property rights and farming When humans switched from farming, we suddenly had to protect our farms, and we needed to raise children who could be helping hands to do the Labour intensive farming. We needed the woman of the house not to desert us, so fidelity was made mandatory. It was a question of survival. Individualism and the Industrial Revolution With individualism came the industrial revolution. First time in human history, people were marrying others who were not their kith and kiln; this meant you had to have really strong ties with your spouse as she was not related to you. Here humans introduced the ideas of love and romance. Love marriages were born, and you cannot be unfaithful if you love each other, right? Summing Up I am talking about infidelity because it is such a touchy topic. How many of you have lost a wonderful woman because you discovered she loved someone else? Let me know if you lost a woman because she loved someone else.