Men should try an Open Marriage.

Manoj Nayak
Marriage is a power game. We want the other person to be loyal and committed to us as we derive power from that exclusive relationship. It is like a person who is working 24x7 for your betterment only. But this often means that the other person is compromising his or her happiness to keep her husband/wife’s life going great guns.

Let me focus on women who are most likely to be oppressed in a marriage here

People derive happiness from different things. Men like to think big, while women love to gossip about their neighbours. Men and women have different priorities. So how will a man be able to really understand her completely? The woman is most likely sacrificing her happiness for her husband because she has been raised to do so, or there might be other compulsions, for example - economic dependence. In India only 19 per cent of women are working, rest depend on their better halves to provide for them. This means the man has an advantage, and the woman feels scared to negotiate her happiness with the man because of this dependency issue. If this is the case, it is time for a man to give her an option of an OPEN marriage. Wouldn’t that be fair? If you are a man, are you willing to give your woman the option of an open marriage?

Note -

An open marriage is tougher on the man than the woman. A woman can find many men asking for her love, but the man might never get any attention. So any man who considers giving his wife this option really needs to be OK with being single in a marriage. If he is lucky, he might be the recipient of love from his wife in an open marriage. Maybe his wife will love him more because he has been kind and considerate to her. This love is a bonus. This love is wholeheartedly given by the woman who loves the man even more so cause her freedom is respected, and the wife is given the option to have an option if needed.