Created the First Reels for Instagram

Staff Writer
I created an Instagram account for and saw a few rather good genuine accounts following me back the very next day. This has encouraged me to spend time creating assets for Instagram.

The short-form video content is the best form because it works for

  1. Instagram Reels,
  2. YouTube shorts,
  3. Stories on Instagram,
  4. Facebook,
  5. WhatsApp.
  6. TikTok (If it is available in your country).
I hate creating visual media assets, as I love only writing as a craft. But this time I had no option and had to get down and make a visual asset. I used a tool from Invideo, and it took me about 30 mins to create this reel. I had purchased a lifetime account for invideo on appsumo which has come in handy now.

Below is the video

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