The body count is the anxiety of the young men. In their minds, they believe it is macho to boast about their body counts to their peers. For the uninitiated, body counts means how many people you have had sex with. Young men boast about their body count scores, while females are slut-shamed for their body counts. You can see it in the popular meme on Instagram, where a guy goes around the college campus asking girls about their body counts; that is slut-shaming which indicates normalising men having more body counts. I don’t deny that men are not to have their natural urges for sexual partners, but how much of it is driven by society? Sexual desires are natural to us humans, but we humans are mimetic creatures, and our desires are driven by society. It is our consumption-driven culture which shames men for not doing enough. If the man is not getting enough dates, he is a loser; they keep telling the man has to score and he must go out and get laid.


Now there are gurus like Andrew Tate who tell you to man up. The idea is that you should become so successful that you don't need to chase a woman. This, again, is an impossible dream; not everyone can be successful like Andrew Tate. Men need to understand that success is relative. Indeed, that woman’s standards have increased considerably, and they are paying the price for it in terms of loneliness and childless single-hood. It is the Zeitgeist of female empowerment, which could be partly responsible and more for the nature of jobs. Traditional male jobs requiring heavy lifting have been taken over by machines or have got automated. Women can now compete with men in today's economy. Women are outcompeting men in areas like academia and media. More women are graduating from college than men. This has all had a devastating effect on the dating market.


There is a massive demand for sex and love and an extreme supply shortage. Because of evolutionary pressure on women, they are tuned to be extremely cautious and selective. It takes a considerable toll on them to get into a relationship with someone who cannot provide her and their kids with security. This means there will always be more men chasing women. To ease the pressure, the demand for sex and love must be throttled. As per everything in life, the Pareto principle also applies to the dating economy. There will always be 20 per cent of men who will be desired by 80 per cent of the women, but remember, there are more women worldwide than men. Statistically, there are more women than men worldwide because the birth rate of girls is higher than that of boys. Also, women tend to live longer than men.


The young men must feel self-assured in the knowledge that when it is their turn to receive sex and love, they will receive it. They need to back off and start working on themselves. They need to get healthier, the most critical metric that leads to better economic opportunities and directly increases their luck in the dating market.


Body count matters to the extent that you at least aren't so inexperienced at sex and love that you are seduced into a relationship or a marriage, and you end up paying just for your naïveté. Sex shouldn't be the deciding factor in choosing a life partner. Good sexual chemistry is related to a better-married life, but “co-relation is not equal to causation.”